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We Can Uplift, Smooth and Beautify Your Neck

Am I a candidate for a neck lift? Let's see!

1. Look into a mirror and show your lower teeth. These wrinkle bands should appear on your neck. If they appear, you may be a candidate.

2. If no chin fat or very little chin fat is detected, you may be a candidate.

3. If you are on the slender side, exercise a lot, or lift weights, you may be a candidate.

This condition takes only five minutes to treat with the best results appearing after a week and lasting for 3-6 months.

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Non-Invasive Botox Neck Lift Treatments

A really important muscle that contributes greatly to droopy mouth corners, loss of jaw definition, and neck-band wrinkles is the platysmal band.  Botox injections stop these muscles from pulling down mouth corners and jawline muscles and will soften thick wrinkles bands.

Before & After: The Art of Natural Transformation - In about 5 minutes!

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