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What is Functional Medicine?

Having trouble with your weight? Want to get fit but you aren’t sure where to start to achieve your healthy weight and reduce your BMI? Visit us for the answers. Our physician-supervised programs can get you on the fast track to weight loss – your way. We’ll customize a program to meet your goals and physique, and monitor your progress. Try it today. We have several ways to help you lose weight and get the shape you like. Combining with a healthy diet and exercise routine, these methods help you achieve your goals and maintain your weight long term.

Functional Medicine is an approach to address the root cause of system-imbalance that results in disease processes — particularly by restoring harmony and balance to the body through the following methods:

  • Detox
  • Laboratory Assessment – we do take blood tests
  • Behavioral Modification
    • Nutritional Adjustment
    • Exercise
    • Using proper vitamins and minerals supplementation when deficiency is included
    • Balancing Hormones through nutritional supplementation

Our Functional Medicine / Weight Management program is a guided behavioral lifestyle change program for patients looking to live a healthier life or feel uncomfortable in their own skin. This program is supported by supplements, medication and aesthetic procedures such as Coolsculpting and QWO cellulite injections

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Long Lasting Results

Behavior change for long-lasting results: See licensed medical staff and assistant for behavior lifestyle changes. Assess caloric needs and macronutrients percentage needs to enhance metabolism. Starting a food diary is a must! Institute exercise regimen with self-monitoring device. Refer to certified exercise coaches for strength training and endurance training.

Check on your Health

We encourage you to see your family physician first for a physical and lab check-up. Take care of your medical concerns and conditions first before consulting one of our care physicians for our Functional Medicine and Weight Management program. We can consider hormonal solutions, supplements, and medication once we understand where your health is! We’ll check your results through blood tests to figure out the best solutions for your health.

What methods do you use?

What methods do you use?

Our programs include:

  • Diet/exercise plans to fit your lifestyle
  • Herbal supplements to increase metabolism
  • Acupuncture/acupressure treatments
  • Targeted fat removal with LipoDissolve mesotherapy injections
  • Prescription medications

Are there any medications involved?

Certain patients do need medications to help speed up the weight loss process. However, the medications used vary depending on your body type and other health conditions you may have.

Functional Medicine - Step 2 - Dietary Lifestyle
What methods do you use?
What methods do you use?
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